Your record wantlist, clutter-free

Everything you want from your Discogs™ wantlist, and nothing you don't. Wantlister eliminates the noise.

Records in a record store.
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Upgrade your Discogs experience

You deserve a better wantlist.

No need to start over.
Wantlister stays in sync with your existing Discogs wantlist. You manage your wantlist using the app you already know.
Eliminate the churn.
Many sellers relist their inventory daily so you see the same listings over and over. Wantlister filters out these relistings giving you a clutter-free feed.
Only the condition you want.
No one wants "good" records! Set a minimum sleeve and media condition and Wantlister skips all the junk.
No more outragoeus shipping prices.
Distant sellers either won't ship to you or have sky-high shipping costs. Wantlister's country preferences and shipping limits let you find the best nearby deals.
Avoid the fraud.
Configure the minimum number of seller ratings required for listings to make it into your feed, helping to eliminate fraud.
Prioritize your wantlist.
Receive real-time alerts as soon as your dream record is listed, and deprioritize the albums you only want to buy at a bargain.

Folders for your wantlist

Organize your wantlist by priority

Set separate notification preferences per criteria, from none at all, up to realtime alerts.

  • Realtime notifications Realtime notifications
  • Grails
    Hand-picked releases
    12 releases
    3 artists
    Min. seller rating
    Min. seller total ratings
    Media condition
    Minimum sleeve condition
    Include generic
    Include sleeveless
    Max price
    Max shipping
    Digest frequency
    Realtime notifications

It's time for a better wantlist

Discogs users talked. We listened.

The ability to customise the wantlist would make me so happy. I just want my wantlist to consist of ONLY records in my country.

Steve Dundee

Please Discogs just give us a block seller option to stop these daily relisters!


It would be great to be able to categorize wantlist items into "I am really looking for this right now" and "I am interested in this but don't need to find it right now" with only the first category being relevant for wantlist notifications.


@discogs is there an option to just show items above a certain condition or shipping from certain countries? Would quite like to remove the flood of G items from abroad that I see!


Frequently asked questions

Do I need a Discogs account and wantlist to use Wantlister?
Yes, a Discogs account and wantlist are required because Wantlister is designed to provide a better experience from your existing Discogs wantlist.
Is there anything I need to do to keep Wantlister up-to-date?
No, there isn't. Once you've connected Wantlister to your Discogs account, the system regularly updates itself to reflect any changes you make to your Discogs wantlist, such as adding or removing items.
Why am I not seeing any matches on Wantlister after signing up?
After linking Wantlister to Discogs, it takes a few minutes to pull your wantlist from Discogs for the first time.
Additionally, Wantlister looks for brand new listings in the Discogs marketplace that match your filters. If you have strict criteria or a small wantlist, there just might not be any matches available. To improve your chances of finding matches, consider adjusting your filter criteria.
Why do I see "Items I Want" on Discogs that aren't in Wantlister?
The "Items I Want" page on Discogs includes bulk updates from sellers, which only involve minor price adjustments or description changes. These updates cause items to resurface at the top of the list. Wantlister, however, filters out this noise to help you focus on genuinely new listings in the marketplace.
Remember, Wantlister provides feed of new items in the Discogs marketplace tailored to your wantlist and filters, but it does not replace the search features offered by Discogs itself.
Is there a mobile app for Wantlister?
While a mobile app may be developed in the future, our current focus is on delivering a fantastic mobile web experience. Try saving the web app to your home screen – it works great!
Who created Wantlister?
Wantlister was created by the development team at Stoat Labs.